Sunday, January 26, 2014


I still cannot post pictures to my blog.  My son and daughter both tried to find out the trouble but could not.  I have finished the two pair of pillow cases I got for Christmas.  Now I am starting on one of the puzzles I was given.  It has been cold here and is going to get colder so they say.  I will stay in and hope and pray we get some warmer weather soon.

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bj said...

Maddy, when I have trouble loading photos into my drafts, I just refresh the page and start over. It has worked well for me....give it a try.
When you are drafting a post and have typed your words and ready to upload photos and they won't load, refresh, and you'll get a popup that says something like "all will be lost if you leave page"...but, just do it and start over on the posting page.