Saturday, October 5, 2013


Table in entrance hall.

Coffee table in my formal living room.

Still in my living room.  Decorations in front of my franklin stove.

Coffee table in my great room.

One of my end tables in great room.  The other end table has the same decorations.

This decorations are on my sewing cabinet where I keep all my embroidery thread.

This cute pumpkin is in the corner of my eating area in the kitchen.  When turned on he changes color.

Decorations on my kitchen table.

My Halloween tree on the table in my back room.

Another Halloween tree and my runner I embroidered for myself.

Bat door hanger I painted when my husband and I were in the craft business.

Ghost door hanger I painted when we were in the craft business.

Pumpkin door hanger.  My husband would cut these out and I would paint them.  I also have my yard decorated and will post some pictures when I get a chance to take the pictures of them. 

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Deann said...

It's beginning to look a lot like... Halloween!