Sunday, August 11, 2013


These are three of my encore azaleas that I have in front of my house.  The middle one is
pink and the other two are red.  I enjoy watching the butterflies and yes hummingbirds that
come to get the nectar from the flowers.  I have tried getting pictures of the hummingbirds
that comes around but have not been able to get my camera in time before he or she leaves.
The butterflies do not stay long enough to get a good picture.   Click on picture to enlarge. 


farmlady said...

Beautiful azaleas. I have trouble growing them here but I should try again. Maybe we need more humidity.
I really like your new blog header.

Deann said...

You did get a nice photo of a butterfly on one of them last week...

bj said...

Hi, Maddy..
I love your new header..:) You do a good job on them.

Those Azaleas are out of this world. Just beautiful. You have such a green thumb. I must have been born with a brown one...can't grow flowers very much.