Saturday, April 20, 2013


The first picture is of wild flowers blooming in my yard .  When my
husband was alive he called them weeds but anything that blooms
is pretty to me.   The second picture is of one of three of the wild wisteria
bushes on my property.  All the other pictures are of the many azaleas
I have which are blooming.   I have red, pink, white , peach, lavender and
some variegated ones.  Click on picutres to see a better view.


Deann said...

Beautiful! I hope the cold weather last night didn't hurt any of them!

farmlady said...

Oh the Azaleas. They're so beautiful. They seems to grow so well at your place.
I love all flowers. They make Spring so lovely after winter.

Packrat said...

The colors are so beautiful. There is nothing like the South when flowers bloom.

bj said...

Your flowers are sooo lovely. I am the same way...if it blooms, I think it's pretty. :)
Have a great week, Maddy.
xoxo bj