Tuesday, March 12, 2013


Wishing my granddaughter, Katie, a very happy birthday. I truly hope all your dreams come true. I fondly remember the day when you were a small girl and we used to celebrate our birthdays together. God has blessed me with 77 years on this planet earth and I hope he will allow me to stay awhile longer. It has been a good life so far. I had a wonderful husband for 57 years before the good Lord took him to be with him. I have 4 wonderful kids and their spouses, 11 grandchildren all with their own talents, and 3 great grandchildren. I have been blessed in many many ways.


Packrat said...

Happy Birthday, Madeline. Hugs! Happy Birthday, Katie. What a special tie you two have!

bj said...

Happiest Birthday, dear Maddy.
No wonder I like you so much...I always like people that are OLDER than me. Hahahhaaa....actually, I am not far behind you.
Happiest Birthday to Katie. How special to have the same birthdays.
xoxo bj

Madeline's Album said...
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Deann said...

Happy, Happy Birthday! Glad I could spend the day with you!