Saturday, December 29, 2012


I had Christmas here at my house.  We had
a lunch of ham, chicken nuggets (for the kids
who did not want ham), pizza rolls, pickles,
olivcs, salami, dip, potato chips, baby carrots,
jello with strawberries, french bread, and of
course pumpkin, pecan and chocolate pie plus
the goodies my guests brought.  We had a good
time and it was a blessing having my family
around me for this blessed day.

This is my daughter Deann and her two boys,
Joseph standing and Adam sitting.

This is my son Kenneth( with red sweater on) and
in the background once again Adam and Joseph and
my son-in-law Brian (Deann's husband).

This is my daughter Debra ( she is the one with the red scarf.
Grandson Eric, his wife Summer and their little girl with her back to us is Abigail.

This is my lovely granddaughter Katie. She lives in New York City and has a
role in an off Broadway play.  My grandson Eric again in the background.

My grandson Kris  is on the left holding red cup.  His mother Lisa my daughter-in-law
in front.

This me with all the grandchildren and great grandchildren who were able to come.
From left to right Adam, Joseph, Kris, Katie holding great grandchild Aaron, Eric
and sitting in front great grandchildren Abigail and Ethan. The lady in blue is me.

This is me ( in blue) with my children from left to right Deann, Debra, and Kenneth.

My youngest Daughter Kara and her family were with us in spirit.  They live
in Washington state and were unable to come.  She called that evening and they
had a wonderful Christmas.  All the grandchildren back there Logan, Drake, Peyton
and Bryce all wished me a Merry Christmas and thanked me for their gifts.
Also one grandson, Grant was sick unable to attend.  My oldest granddaughter,
Julie and her husband were not here they went to his  parents house. 
As I said it was a blessing having my family, that were able to come, here with me
this Christmas.


Packrat said...

What wonderful family pictures! So nice that that many people could get there for Christmas.

Deann said...

It was a very nice Christmas Day! :)

bj said...

O, Maddy, what a lovely family you have. I'm so glad they were all able to be with you and the ones that weren't, were there in spirit. Our families are so important and loved by us. :)
You have a lovely home....and your foods sound out of this world.

I love the new blog look and your profile pic is just great.
xo bj