Wednesday, October 31, 2012


It is that time of year again when all the little ghost and goblins come out to get their treats. I remember fondly when I was a child and we would go out trick or treating. Also our elementary school always had a fun night for us costume judging contest, all kinds of games and of course apple cider and donuts. We lived in a small town and it was safe for we kids to walk to the school and back home. Although when we got to our street we ran all the way home because of some to the house had huge hedge bushes and it was kind of spooky. I always had candy for the kids who came around when my children were small and I took them out trick or treating. I miss those days. Last year I did not have one person come to the door. This year will be the same probably. I have candy but will more and likely give it to my grandchildren when they come over. I still decorate for all the holidays. The above picture is one of my decorations.
Have a safe and fun night.


Happy To Be/ Gl♥ria said...

Happy Halloween to you mu dear friend..I have never had one trick or treater's on my mountain since I moved here in 1978..But I do buy the candy and also give it to my Great grands..I pray all is well in your world..I have another Great granddaughter coming Nov 7th C section..this will make 10 greats for me..
I loved Halloween as a kid and so remembering making my own gypsy outfit each year and my big brother was always a Hobo and would take a wine cork burn it and use it on his face to make himself look dirty ha ha!!I don't even know if they had ready made customers in the store then..We always got by with what we had on hand and didn't cost anything to make..Thanks for the trip down memory lane girl..Much love to you..Hugs Gloria

Deann said...

Do you remember the year Kenny and some others from Dewey Heights Church put together a Halloween "Party" (including a haunted house) over near Cosby Lake? I have a few memories of it, as well as the one we had out in the little house when Dad scared everyone terribly! :)

I also remember a few of my costumes... an indian, a ghost, a hobo, Holly Hobby, and a sack of groceries.