Saturday, January 7, 2012


I know it is winter time, but my forsythia bush
believes it is spring time. The cold weather we
have had down into the 20's have not killed
these few blooms. The last few days it has warmed
up in the 60's during the day, so these few blooms
gave me a taste of spring.

Another sweet little spring time flower
is blooming also among the leaves,
my wild periwinkle has a few blooms on
them. Just a little touch of spring in
the winter time has brought a smile to
my face.


farmlady said...

Isn't this weather amazing. I don't think the plants quite know what to do.
Hope we get some rain soon. We are still watering with a hose. Things are drying out and wilting.
Poor confused garden...

Deann said...

That's the weather here in Alabama... you never know what to expect from day to day!

bj said...

Oh my....what beautiful and STOUT little flowers....:))

bj said...

Hidy do, sweet friend....I so have the urge to call you Maddy.....does anyone call you that? :)

Thanks for coming by...and leaving good wishes for my grands. They surely are special...:))

xoxo bj

Ann said...

We have 2 standard roses in the garden, the yellow one still has buds on it, so strange being January and winter here in Scotland. Totally strange.