Wednesday, November 2, 2011


Yesterday was a wonderful and great day. Our
grandson, Eric and his family (pictured above
on the left Ethan, sitting in rocker Eric who is
holding Aaron, Eric's wife Summer and last
but not least Abigail) came for a visit before they
leave to go back to Texas. Our daughters, Debra
and Deann and Deann's two boys were here also.
We had a wonderful visit and we got to meet our
newest member of the family Aaron who is 4 months

This is Aaron, he was so good while he was
here. He smiles all the time a very happy boy.


Deann said...

You got some great photos, Mom! Thanks for letting us know they were coming over so that we could come visit!

bj said...

What a beautiful family...that little Aaron is sooo precious. I'm so thrilled that you got to spend time with them. Being with those we love sure does make our hearts sing..:))
xoxo bj

Anonymous said...

What nice pictures! That little Aaron is such a sweet pea ♥ It sounds like a wonderful day. Family days are my favorite too.
I hope you have a great weekend.

Packrat said...

It was so nice that so many of you could get together. Beautiful family. Aaron is just a doll.