Friday, October 7, 2011


We take our lives in our hands when we go
outside. The acorns this year are the biggest
I seen, and when the wind blows they fall and
it sounds like gun shots when they hit the roof.
I have pictured them above compared to a quarter.

The fall wildflowers are all in bloom, this is
not a very good picture but this a purple
wildflower and it is quite pretty.

This is a pretty little yellow wild flower.

This is another purple flower that is fuzzy, It seems

like the wildflowers do real well .

These are my encore azaleas that bloom spring,

summer and fall. I even have some regular

azaleas with some blooms and they are susposed

to only bloom in the spring.


Packrat said...

The flowers are so pretty. Those are big acorns. (I hate how they sometimes roll if you step on them.)

farmlady said...

Doesn't a lot of acorns in the fall mean a long, cold winter? I heard that somewhere.
Those little wildflowers are so sweet. It's like their last effort before winter comes.
Lovely photos.

Deann said...

I love nature in Autumn!