Sunday, September 4, 2011


After our daughter, Deann, her husband, Brian,
and their son Joseph left after a morning of
enjoying the pool (probably for the last time in
this year my husband and I took a ride up to
Springville to check out the new splash park they
have put in for the children to enjoy. We enjoyed
watching the children playing and getting water
splashed in the different ways picture below in the
following photos.

Flower and pelican doing their job of getting
the children wet.

Small children enjoyed this area where

water squirted up from the ground.

The flower squirted the children and the pelican

dumped water on waiting children.

I believe these are pelicans. It was a joy to see

the children having such fun.

The big container fills up with water then tilts

over to cascade down to really wet the kids waiting



farmlady said...

Doesn't this just make you want to be a kid again? Look at all that fun.
This is a wonderful place. Shall we go look for our bathing suits. Ha!

Packrat said...

Ditto Farmlady!

Deann said...

Looks like fun!