Thursday, February 3, 2011


On these cold winter days having to stay in doors
I have crocheted another afghan. This one is for my
sister-in-law, who is in a rehab hospital after falling
and breaking her hip. She is having to use a
wheelchair and I thought she would like this to cover
up with. It is done in the color of orchid and is soft.
I am now in the process of crocheting another one
for my other sister-in-law.


Deann said...

What a lovely color! I know she will appreciate it!

Anonymous said...

Very pretty and nice of you to think of her..
Its been so cold here I'm thinking of getting out my knitting machine and making me some sweater vest to keep my back warm..

Anonymous said...

What a nice idea and so kind ♥ I will say a prayer for your sister-in-law's speedy recover. The things you make are always beautiful! I too love the color. Thank you for your visits to my blog. I have always enjoyed blogging with you. I hope you are having a wonderful day.