Sunday, December 12, 2010


It is cold here this morning
and we are having snow
flurries. I know it will not
come to what they are
having up north, but I know
the children wish for snow
and would be delighted for
just enough to make a snowman.
Some of us grown-ups in our
hearts wish the same thing. I
remember as a child we had
snow every year and what fun
we had, we would attach our
sleds together and come down
our street laughing and the last one
on the last sled would always get
thrown into the snow bank. No
one ever got hurt thank goodness
just kids having fun.


farmlady said...

What a wonderful Christmas memory. I could see the snow and the children playing on their sleds.
This is one memory that, living in the Bay Area of California, we didn't have. I do remember my Dad taking us up to Mt. Diablo one time when it was snowing up there so we could slide on a piece of cardboard down a snowy hill. There was only a little snow but it was so much fun.

Deann said...

Maybe we'll get a BIG snow this year and you can relive those memories! Wouldn't that be fun?

Packrat said...

You have been posting! I don't know why, but Reader suddenly showed that you had 8 new posts.

Snow. Ugh. LOL But, here is is a very necessary "evil".

Anonymous said...

I loved reading your post Madeline! It brought back so many memories for me of sledding and skating in the winter time. Those were the days! As an adult the snow has become an inconvience although now that I'm retired I do enjoy it so much more :>)