Thursday, October 7, 2010


Here are just a few of my Halloween decorations.
The pumpkins on the left light up as does the
scarecrow on the right.

The big hairy spider is the center of this decoration.

My Halloween tree.

Archway decorations .

This pumpkin lights up and changes colors .

Sign on my front porch .

Pumpkin lights, pumpkin and black cat all light

My storage house is always decorated every

The spider and pumpkin light up.

Some of my decorations out in the court yard.
My garden tool shed is decorated
every holiday also.

This little picket fence and the decorations
are getting quite old. My husband
and I did them when we were in the
craft business.

These stake outs were some
we did also when we were in
the craft business.
I did not post all the pictures I
took of my decorations inside
and outside the house to many to


Deann said...

Looks good... Happy Halloween!

Anonymous said...

Hi Madeline, Oh my goodness all of your decorations are wonderful. I love everything and especially those pumpkin lights on the drive and your little garden house. I so enjoy Halloween and all of those days leading up to it. I hope you have a great weekend. Watch out for that spider on your table :>)