Wednesday, August 4, 2010


My mystery vine turned out to be a cantaloupe.
I had to cut into it and I tried it. It may have
been small but it was sweet. The vine now
is drying up because of no rain even though
we have been watering it every day. It still
has three more small cantaloupes on it. Hope
they survive and get a little larger.


Deann said...

I'm glad you finally found out what it was and were able to enjoy it!

Packrat said...

Drought - when it starts to rain you will probably get too much. Why isn't there a happy medium?

The cantaloupe looks delicious. How fun to have something like that grow without you knowing it. (Need some catnip? It has spread everywhere.)

Anonymous said...

I love cantaloupe and this one looks delicious! All of our flowers have dried up here and we actually have a few tree leaves on the ground already. The crickets are out in full force. You can just tell fall is on it's way.

Anonymous said...
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