Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Please remember to pray for
all our servicemen and women
and their families. My prayers
and thanks go out to them all and
not only on this day but every day
I give thanks for their service.
God bless them all and GOD BLESS


BrasherGirl said...

Nice tribute to our Veterans.

Duchess of Tea said...

Happy Veteran's Day America

I bow to all veterans worldwide. If it wasn't for their unselfishly courageous contribution we wouldn't be able to enjoy this blissful day. Thank you darling for posting on this special day!!
Madeline darling I am sorry I haven't been able to visit you often. Life is slowly returning to normal , and hopefully we will soon get good news from the doctors and then we will celebrate. I thank you for all your best wishes, and for checking in on me often, you are such a dear friend.
Love & Hugs

Anonymous said...

Good morning Madeline. This is a wonderful tribute to our service men and women. I hope you have a lovely weekend.