Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I have been watching this redheaded woodpecker
for a couple of days now. I wonder if it is the same
one that made a nest last year in this old limb on
an oak tree outside my bedroom window. I have
counted a least six holes in the limb. I am surprised
it hasn't fallen off by now. This is not the best picture
but I hope you can see my woodpecker in residence
in the middle of the picture. Click on the picture to


Anonymous said...

I can see him.. I think their some of the prettiest birds we have here.

Anonymous said...

I can see him too. I think he's beautiful! I hope he doesn't tear your tree down though.

BrasherGirl said...

Make that three of us who can see him.

We have a woodpecker around here that likes to peck at the utility pole in the front yard... poor bird!

Tattycat said...

Don't you just love woodpeckers? I hope he stays with you all Spring and Summer. Love the shamrocks!

Anne said...

Yep I see him! I just love woodpecker's though. Their so pretty. I just love that rat-a-tat-tat! =)

Madeline's Album said...

Thank you all for your very nice comments. I know if he drills anymore holes the limb will fall off :).

Aaydens Mommy said...

Hi Madeline,

Thanks for stopping by my blog! I would like to visit Italy too! That is second on my list. =) I see your woodpecker too.