Saturday, January 10, 2009


I have been tagged by Anne at

Name 5 things in my purse.
l. wallet
2. pencil
3. Picture of children
4. Picture of grandchildren and great grandchild
5. address and telephone book

Name 5 things in my work room.

l. computer
2. television
3. CD player
4. Bookcase with books
5. Desk

Name five things I've always wanted to do.

l. Visit Italy the country where my Mom and
Dad were born.
2. Learn to ballroom dance.
3. Visit the states here in the United States
I have not been to.
4. Learn to ice skate.
5. Learn to crochet something other then a
granny square.

Thanks Anne.


BrasherGirl said...

I see you were able to do it!

Anne said...

I just came over to read your answers to your tag. I love to read other peoples answers. I feel like you get to know them a little better. I didn't know you were Italian. I bet you have some great recipes.

Tattycat said...

So, when are we going ice skating?