Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Two of my halloween stake outs I painted
years ago. When my husband and I
used to be in the craft business he would
cut out the items and I would paint them.
It was fun seeing them in the neighbor's

One of my many picket fences. I still use
this one for different holidays.

Mr. Scarecrow watches over the
birdhouse and pumpkin.

Another stake out greets visitors
as they come to sit awhile and chat.

More of my handywork. The birdhouse is
one my Husband made just for me.

Pumpkins I painted. They look cute, I think, on my
fence it faces the road so people can see them when
they drive by.

More decorations on the fence.

More of my Pumpkins. I liked painting cute one not the
scary ones.

Ghosts on the same fence. The one holding the pumpkin
is waving to the people as they pass by.

The large ghost is now joined by a smaller one waving
away all the day and night.

Scarecrow, wind sock, and pumpkin stake out in what everyone
calls my court yard.

My little tool house (built by my husband) is always
decorated for every holiday.

Front entrance with many decoration. Some I painted and
some I purchased at yard sales.

I even caught myself in this picture, taking the picture, I
guess I could say it is a ghostly image.

Some of my finds at yard sales . Cute when they are lit up.

I love the pumpkin, it changes colors. The little ghost when
up push in on his tummy says boo did I scare you. The
witch is a cutie. All are finds at yard sales.

The little ghost are made of wood and painted by me. The
pumpkins are more yard sale finds.

I always have candy on hand. The glass pumpkins are
filled with m&m's and hershey kisses. The orange and
black bowl (another yard sale find) is filled with mini
candy bars.


BrasherGirl said...

Looks great! I hope no one swipes any of the outdoor decorations!

William said...
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Madeline's Album said...

Thank you Willaim. Be my guest.

Brashergirl, so far the outdoor decorations are still there.

Tattycat said...

WOW! I didn't know you had that many Halloween decorations. You have been really busy. Looks like a lot of fun.