Saturday, September 27, 2008


My husband and I made our yearly trip out to Battle
Ground, Washington to visit our daughter, Kara, her
husband and our 4 youngest grandchildren. We had
a great time. When it got time to leave and come home
it was a little sad and a few tears were shed, hopefully
we will be able to make it back there next year.

Pictured here are just 4 of the reasons why we try to visit
at least once a year. Left to right: Logan, Drake, Bryce and
Peyton. Oh yes and Copper the dog.

We celebrated Drake's 6 birthday while we were out there.
The cake shown above shows the theme for his party. There
were about 20 guest in all. It was fun to see the expression
on his face when he opened each present.

Boy did his eyes get big when he opened the card from
Mamaw and Pawpaw. Money is always a hit with kids.

Logan and Drake dressed up to have their school pictures
made. Aren't they handsome.

My daughter has always cut Logan's hair. Here he is after
his first trip to the barbers Logan before his trip to the barber.

Bryce (in front) Peyton (in middle) Drake (in back) playing
with swords. Bryce who is only 2 keeps up with Peyton who
is 4 and Drake who is 6. He holds his own believe me.

My husband, Karl, celebrated his birthday while we were
out there. Our daughter baked him a yummy chocolate
cake. In fact he had two celebrations before we left home. Our
other two daughters brought him his gifts before we left on
our trip.

We had to go watch Logan and Drake practice their
Taekwondo. They were doing the crab walk here, which
is one of their exercises. They also showed off their kicks,
breaking boards with the hands, elbows, and feet and
wrestling technics. Drake is on the left and Logan on the

My daughter grows a garden every year. Pictured above
is a squash out of her garden I have tried to show how
big it is compared to an apple. She also has zucchini, tomatoes,
and even cantaloupes.

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BrasherGirl said...

I'm glad you had a good visit with Kara and the rest of the family, and that you made it back home safely.

P.S. Logan looks so much more grown-up with his new haircut. I like it!